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Chicken Nuggets Eco Solvent Wrap

Chicken Nuggets Eco Solvent Wrap

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DISCLAIMER: These transfers do NOT include the Beer Can Glass. 

Size of transfer wrap: 9.33" x 3.95(4.0)"

✨Application Instructions:
✧Peel design transfer off of backing.

✧Place the transfer on the cup ensuring design is straight and positioned correctly.

✧ Apply your transfer to the glass slowly, making sure to press firmly to help the transfer stick. Press the transfer down, working from the center outwards, pushing out any bubbles.

*Please note UV DTF adhesive cup wraps are permanent. Once transfer is on the glass it cannot be taken off so please make sure you are positioning your transfer correctly.*

✧Rub all over the design with your fingers or craft squeegee. The more rubbing the better.

✧Peel clear film off and you're done!

✧We are not responsible for transfers being applied incorrectly. Please reach out to us, before applying, if you are unsure or have any questions!
✧We do NOT accept returns or exchanges for our products.
✧The color of your product may slightly vary from the photo, based on your screen's optimization settings.
✧All items are made to order. Please expect a 3-5 day processing time.
✧Items are shipped through USPS, you will be provided a tracking number once the shipping label is created.
✧All items are handmade by humans, which means that they are not always created perfectly. If you notice an error with your transfer, please contact us with a photo.
✧You are NOT allowed to sell transfers for profit or claim that you made them.

✨Care Instructions:

✧Hand wash only
✧Do not put in dishwasher or microwave
✧ Use warm water and soft sponge or washcloth
✧ Avoid abrasive/harsh cleansers
✧ Do not soak

*Please note that Libbey 16oz glass size may vary by brands.
Transfer colors may vary compared to image mockup due to screen monitor.
These transfers are made for 16oz Libbey glass cans and other brand measurements might be slightly different. Some adjustments may be needed.*

All orders come with application and care instructions.

I do NOT own the rights to any characters or graphics in this image.

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